Boru, Boru

01 May

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Boru, Boru


Sean Bracken

I arrive in misty, early morning light,

Stark against the fading night

She stands defiant, a skeleton of former glory

This lonely ruin, keeping close her silent story

Of ancient monks and times of glory

Of  battles lost and battles won

Of Viking warriors, to battle come

Her last remaining, lonesome arch

Remembers well this final march

Of Brian Boru, Cuchullan too

Of all the clans united power

Standing proud, defend the tower

Beyond this line, they dare not strike

Back to the sea, we drive them back

With cut, with thrust, with savage blows

The mighty battle ebbs and flows

Boru, Boru, the chorus grows

For Ireland, for freedom, for God and more

We chant, we fight, we stand against our mortal foe

Cut and slice, hold, advance, bellies burst, eyes gouged out

Body to body, blood and gore

With rage, with fury, we stand our ground

We roar and roar our chant out loud, our death defying, proud refrain

Boru, Boru, for Ireland, for Ireland, For Ireland and you

We fight and fight, with all our might and stand as one against the pain

Two days, two nights

We battle on, tireless and brave

And after all the battles fought

And after all our comrades lost

And all the Norsemen dead and gone

Cradled in my arms, a hero unsurpassed

Boru lay broken, breathing out his very last

With final breath, Boru cried out

Fight on for freedom

Fight on, fight on, for all our lives

Never surrender to invading tides

In memory of my Grandad, who I loved, and my Great Grandfather , a man I never knew. They fought together against the might of the British Empire in Boland’s Mill, on Easter Sunday, 1916. May they rest in peace and feel proud of the republic they helped to create.

In 1014, at the battle of Clontarf, Brian Boru, the high king of Ireland, defeated the Vikings. In all of Europe , this was the only defeat of the Norsemen.  

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