Changing Direction

12 Jan

Changing Direction

Sean Bracken

She swooped down the mountain

using strange people to change her direction

soaring and sliding in space and time

using strange people as a random deflection


Changing direction and gaining momentum

Yeah changing direction and gaining momentum

Dancing alone and paying no attention

Yeah dancing alone and paying no attention

 Leaping over ditches and crossing rough waters

she's using strange people but paying no attention

to friends long forgotten and left in the wake

of a life full of madness and driving compulsion .


Mother to strangers who get in the way

of her once great delusion now slipping away

No focus, no reason and never content

Craving and yearning, her mind in torment


Slipping and falling into the abyss

of a soul with no reason, no hope of salvation

using good people to slow the descent into safe isolation

she holds onto good people for cold consolation


Spinning and skipping with utter abandon

she's using a friend to find her solution

A friend she found hiding deep down in a bottle

has smothered the need for love and attention


Alone by herself with all that she wants

no need for strange people or change of direction

Life in the bottle kills much more than thirst

it kills all the feelings that cause so much hurt


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