Plum Haze

13 Jan

Plum Haze by Sean Bracken

"Hendrix is coming to town next week" he says, reaching for the bottle of wine.

Hands slippy with soap, he drops the wine into the tub.

"Champagne bubble bath, Babe. Yeah, can't wait to see Jimmy again."

 " You're stoned, man. Jimmy died years ago "

 "What? Jimmy's dead? But, it's the Purple Haze tour. He can't be dead."

 " That was Prince. He's dead too. " she says, splashing him with soapy water.

She takes another toke from the joint, sucking deep.

 "How much time have we got?"

 "Haven't a clue, Babe. They say a Plum coloured cloud will fall down slowly from the sky. Peaceful. No pain."

 " Lets screw one more time. "

"Nah, what's the point? Go and get another bottle of booze, if ye want. I'm happy with the weed."

 " So, where did the Plum smoke come from? "

 "From the sky, Babe."

 *No, before that. Where is it coming from? "

 "From the Oort cloud. Stupid scientists wanted to know what would happen if they set off a nuclear device up there.*

"Hey Babe, I can see lots of tiny plums falling. It's beautiful."

 " Yeah, I can see them now, so pretty."

 "I love you, Babe."

 " Yeah, I know you do. Love you too. "

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